today’s grace

this afternoon i spent a couple hours at a “palooza” to promote a family camp that i worked at as a counselor (for those really curious, Outlaw Ranch, one of five camps operated by Lutherans Outdoors in South Dakota). i went primarily to listen to two mini-concerts (30 min each) from artists i respect (james hersch and tangled blue)

the big surprise of the day was walking into the church behind a former co-worker at camp and at the college chapel. i was going by myself and had no idea who would be around, so i thought it was a great start to the afternoon that i knew at least one person.

then i walked into the hall where a former camper greeted me (correctly pronouncing my name). it was great to have her remember that i was about to start seminary when we met, and even more amazing to hear that one of her kids now attends my alma mater. crazy how time flies but you can still pick up the conversation where last left…

the afternoon ended with chatting with a few people and reminiscing about camp while looking forward to what God has in store for the future. as i left the building, i was stopped by the current director of the camp and asked about my sister, who was injured after staff training and therefore missed working at camp last summer. i’m always amazed at how people care enough to ask about people they barely knew.


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