pop music suprise

i never cease to be amazed at how some of the most remarkable songs talk about jesus.

even more surprising is when i am looking through the music on my computer and discover songs that i: 1. forgot i owned 2. didn’t know i had to begin with 3. don’t know/remember where they came from

(i have a tendency to purchase and download albums online for one or two songs that i know and love but don’t listen to the whole album, so i’m often surprised)

earlier, i randomly typed in “jesus” to search my music files in media player. and i got more song titles than expected (i was hoping for 5 and ended up with 23) with jesus as part of the title. and my expectation was that all but two would be recognized christian artists. i suppose i could have chosen “God” or “spirit” as my search term, but i was in a jesus-searching mood.

granted, most were songs by recognized christian artists or found on christian albums…the usual suspects.

but oddly enough, there were a few songs that surprised me by the fact that i owned them:

a song from the elizabethtown soundtrack (jesus was a crossmaker) – a mainstream film soundtrack with jesus? nice

neon jesus by crocodiles – this was one of those “i like some of the songs on the album so i’ll get it not paying attention to what all the songs are titled…”

ben harper’s picture of jesus – this was the highlight since i loved not just the melody (this is one of two versions by the artist) but the lyrics. the lyrics in particular. and the melody. well…the combination is fantastic. i heartily recommend this song since it gave me goosebumps and captivated my attention (even after listening to it several times in a short time span)


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