addicted to media

our class today discussed how pervasive social media is becoming in our culture. our entire way of understanding the world is now closely linked with technology now that we have so much language permeated with references to the internet, computers, facebook, twitter, youtube, ebooks, cell phones, texting, mp3s, ipad, etc

while perusing the internet (which i do a lot), i ran across this article in the onion (which remains my favorite source of satire) that mocks how we perceive that we are disconnected when we remove one of many forms of access but still leave other means open

and i understood completely. when i want to be left “alone” i disable the internet connection on my computer but still leave on my cell phone (just in case i need to be reached)

while “disconnected” i hate to think that people can’t reach me if something happened to them or that i would be unable to have instantaneous contact in case something happened to me.

i understand my desire for connection, but i have no idea how to get the church to help us navigate the world where we are so connected and feel a need or responsibility to always be available. or how i as a future pastor will navigate the convenience versus necessity of cell phones equipped with email and texts. or how i as a future pastor will be able to keep tabs on people to know what they are thinking and feeling and experiencing via internet postings and status updates.


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  1. Katie

    One problem I foresee when I think about keeping in touch with people is the emotional exaggeration that has a tendency to come out through social media. How many of the facebook updates should be taken seriously? How much is it our place to investigate further on everything we take in? I’m not saying we shouldn’t, I’m just wondering about boundaries. Both for us and our parishioners. The lines of privacy are much more blurred these days.

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