epic fail

while on internship last year, i encountered the phrase “epic fail” on a regular basis since the teens at church said it all the time. i admit that i had never really paid much heed to this before but came to realize that referring to something as an epic fail meant that whatever happened was about as bad as it gets.

but what i’ve come to realize is that while epic fail can be humorous (especially if you have a weird sense of humor), most of the time it’s sad or infuriating, depressing or frustrating. especially for leaders.

even though church leaders are often slow to catch on to the latest slang, they can learn to use slang to help talk about life and ministry (and even hold a conference about it)

there are days when i think that church is basically one big epic fail in our culture.

but at least the church is an epic fail that keeps going. i think that we are going to make mistakes but that we need to be able to learn from them. i get a daily inspiration emailed to me, and i think yesterday’s quotation highlights how we need to learn to embrace all the epic fails in our lives:

“If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we are not really living. Growth demands a temporary surrender of security.” – Gail Sheehy

life is a series of changes, mistakes and epic fails that help us to grow and become better people. if we are afraid to take chances and fail, we cannot succeed. this sounds cliche, but i happen to understand why it’s necessary to take a risk even when i hold back and hate being an epic fail myself. even though i already am someone who is already sinful and broken.

but i have faith that God can transform any epic fail into something great because God already has



  1. Zoe Kuester

    I appreciate your comment that the church sometimes seems to be “one big epic fail”. What would it be like to think of this as sad but also, in a way, humorous? Maybe we should just laugh at ourselves and our fusty attitudes and then get on with figuring out what to do next.

    • I agree that we need to be able to see some of the humor in what far too often simply drags us down. I mean, life and ministry would be extremely bland if we were not able to find some humor in our past mistakes. Part of the challenge we face is going to be learning how to learn from and appreciate both the sad and the humorous aspects of the church as an epic fail that keeps making mistakes

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