international women’s day

i didn’t even know this day existed as a holiday, let alone that it’s the 100th anniversary of iwd. in perusing the internet, i found one event for today in the twin cities, but that’s it. the day for us is all but invisible

but i’m excited that the day is drawing attention from manyvaried and different sources (thanks to friends on facebook for mentioning it) to highlight the fact that inequality continues to be an issue in many countries and careers…

perhaps all of them…

and of course, i’m struck by the fact that we know inequality (not just between the genders) exists simply because we can still talk about it and bring up examples.

yes, i’m making the leap from talking specifically about women to other groups that face additional challenges.

but there is something to be said when you can understand how others feel what it is like to face extra challenges just because of your body or clothing or beliefs or age…and you cannot do much about it except by taking a lot of time and energy to point it out and work towards equality


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