let lent commence

believe it or not, lent is my favorite church season. i don’t know why, but i definitely prefer this darker time of reflection and preparation over christmas. (actually, i think i do know why since i hate how flashy christmas season is) i love the fact that the entire 40 (week)days plus 6 sundays are a time with a focus, often upon wilderness or journeys.

last year was a very difficult season of lent. without intending it to be so, i found that lent was a major journey in my life. i hit rough patches during my internship and had to face my fears/hesitations/qualms about ministry head-on. it was a time of being busy but yet making time to reflect (or nurse wounds, as the case may be).

but i remember thinking the entire time that it was not the end.

we start the season of lent with ashes. we are reminded of our mortality and limits at the beginning, but i am always looking forward to the end of the season. i know that i am mortal and don’t really need the reminder by having an ashen cross on my forehead (but chose to every year because the ritual is effective for those who wear an ashen cross and for those who see the ashen crosses), but i cannot dwell on it for too long. the only reason i get through lent is because i know that we end with easter. death happens, but God transforms the pain, the mundane, the tragedy, the sorrow, the fears into something far greater than we could ever expect.

so as i begin this year’s reflection upon the wilderness i live in, i’m also going to have to keep in mind the fact that God brings people out of the wilderness when they are ready.


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