worship expectations

when i was reading scharen’s chapter, i was immediately struck by how amazing music could be transcendent. often we find ourselves having a moment where we feel closer to God, but this may or may not happen during worship. we are comfortable talking about spirit words in relation to talented musicians (inspired or soulful are two examples he uses), but yet how often do we use those same words to talk about sunday morning worship? how often do we feel inspired and overwhelmed by the spirit as we pray, read scripture, greet one another, sing and listen to the sermon?

i’m willing to admit that i seldom have those spirit-filled moments in worship. i tend to be so focused on not stumbling over words, on hitting the right notes and keeping in rhythm, on not getting distracted that i end up not being open to the spirit’s movement. i put my focus on what i can control (me) that i fail to open myself to something more (spirit).

worship is ideally a practice of what to do the other days of the week, but that is not necessarily the case. we come to worship with others who are able to talk openly about God, but once we leave confines of the church building, we encounter a culture that adds hurdles for practicing our faith with a resistance to talking about faith in public.

or at least we think it’s resistant. some days i wonder if the few voices who are against religion are able to drown out the countless others who are starving to hear what inspires and gives life to us, especially when it is the God who was willing to walk among us and continues to walk with us.


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