who reads what?

or perhaps, i should be asking, “who uses what website?” which is the question that danah boyd is asking (i looked at her website and saw an impressive list of essays that try to understand who is using what social media sites).

for my course on ministry in media, we were required to read an essay about the fact that people tend to choose either myspace or facebook, and that there are various reasons for their own selection.

danah suggests that the dividing line between myspace and facebook is often along race or class lines, which may be the case since different races and classes will have different expectations or uses of social media. because each race or class has its own sense of what is pleasing. she suggests that taste and aesthetics are found inherent within the race/class.  myspace appeals to one group, while facebook (since it began as an “elite” site that only certain groups [college students] could join) attracts a different group.

and i began to think about why i use social media…

i admit that i’m on both myspace and facebook. but i also admit that i prefer one over the other. i think it is interesting to think of just how proud i am to be able to say that i was on facebook back when it was only for college students. i don’t feel the same pride to say that i’ve been on myspace just as long (or perhaps longer?).

i will also admit that i resist twitter (i feel no need to tweet).

i use myspace sporadically (since i often forget that i even have a myspace account) for music groups and few friends. i personally find facebook a bit more flashy and funto use than myspace (not to mention that i have over 600 friends instead of the whopping 37 on myspace), which seems darker and not as appealing (i prefer happy colors). just go to the websites and see what i mean: myspace is black and gray while facebook is bright blue.

i don’t like to think that i chose my social media because of my race or class, but i think that it is hard to deny that my upbringing and education influence what i think is cool or appealing, which is somewhat disconcerting…

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