random links to random things

i have a confession to make: i have a lot of bookmarked links. some are good, some are not. and my definition of good depends on the link since some are useful while others evoke an emotional response (usually laughter).

today i decided to share them with you (not all of them since, like i said, there are lots… so i filtered out the useless or really random)

here is one that discusses profanity found in social media and how annoying it can get, especially for those of us who don’t like profanity

here is one that reflects on why we need to be singing in church and how we need to be able to sing familiar tunes that we can memorize and belt out without the chaos of constantly learning new (makes me think about how i love the old tunes but also love to learn new…and need both the old and new to keep me balanced)

this is something i ran across while looking up something about vassar, which is where my sister attends college…and i was intrigued to see how college kids discuss faith and religion (specifically anti-religious movements) at a college that is highly liberal and where people who actively practice faith are the minority. disclaimer: the language is not always the cleanest but is interesting

this is true (and not religious at all)

this is sad and disturbing (satire)

this is inspiring (i had tears in my eyes)

and here are some other reflections and topics for us [future] pastors as we communicate and minister in/with/to the world


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