death and life

i think that it is fascinating that it is so easy to find theology when you open your eyes to see it in some of the least likely experiences.

i watch a lot of random tv shows thanks to netflix (for previous seasons) and hulu (for current episodes).

one of my current faves is pushing daisies.

(of course, my list also includes phineas and ferb, legend of the seeker, raising hope, eureka, warehouse 13, being human, big bang theory, wizards of waverly place, and bones…i have a varied interest range)

i love the bright colors and overall cheeriness of pushing daisies, but i’m also fascinated by the plot that follows a man who is able to bring people back from the dead (for one minute before someone else dies in their place).

what is also intriguing is how the show talks about the afterlife (or lack of it in the show). people die, but they don’t have special experiences or see white lights. instead, they simply stop breathing and don’t recall or remember anything that would happen from the time they die until they are brought back for that one minute. they just don’t live anymore when they die.

while that lack of eternal life (or hell) is presented matter-of-factly, there is also some sorrow that there is nothing more, nothing less to death.

i struggle to match the cheeriness with the simple end of life.

where is the joy with no hope of resting in God for all of eternity?


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