my mother always had one rule for my sisters and i: no lying. we could fight, we could yell, we could throw things, we could [accidentally] break things, but we could not lie. we would get in more trouble for lying than we would for anything we did. so i learned to value truth in connection to responsibility.

truth is important.

paul tells us to speak the truth in love (eph 4:15).

judges in courtrooms tell us to speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth (at least that’s what they say on tv and in films).

only the truth is revolutionary. it seems to capture the power of truth. lies can affect lives, but for some reason truth (especially a truth about life, God, religion or yourself) is truly revolutionary. when we no longer lie to ourselves, when we are able to open our eyes/hearts/minds to truth, our whole world is revolutionized.

but the real reason i’m pondering about truth is because of a movie reference that i’m pretty sure most people skip over when reading or watching the chronicles of narnia: the voyage of the dawn treader : “like the p in psychology, the h in psychiatry, invisible ink and the truth in theology…” i love that incantation (“a spell to make the unseen seen”) that lucy reads. each time i’ve watched the movie (which i’ve seen several times in the few weeks since purchasing it), i’m reminded that i want to understand what truth is in theology that is invisible and unseen.

but even more so, i want to speak the truth.

i’m preparing to be a pastor. part of my calling is to be able to see the truth, to seek the truth, to speak the truth.

so i’m going to be focusing on a few questions:

WHO can see/seek/speak truth?

WHERE can we see/seek/speak truth?

WHEN can we see/seek/speak truth?

HOW can we see/seek/speak truth?

WHAT is the truth that we see/seek/speak?

i don’t think there are any easy answers. to be honest, some days i’m not sure there are any answers. but i think the questions are important. just because i can’t see the truth, i still believe that i can seek it. and  i can speak about what i’m learning and what i think the truth may be.

because truth is important, whether or not truth is seen.

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