life in general

it’s been a while since i posted. i am going to take time to confess that life got crazy and blogging took a backseat. literally and figuratively because 1) i didn’t have time/energy to blog, 2) i’ve spent so much time driving and i hear it’s not good to blog and drive, and 3) i really had nothing profound to share. i know that most people really don’t care about the nitty-gritty details, so ignore what you want to as you scroll down to finish reading the post.

here is what’s going on:

– school. my last semester is crazy busy. i’m finishing up with 5 classes the second half of the semester (ministry and media, ethics 2, ebt, book of revelation, holy spirit), which means that the next two weeks will be packed full of writing papers & essays, finishing up a video project, and thinking about graduation (literally mailing out invites then not making any more plans until classes are done). all finals will be done on may 13, which is not far off…

– travel. i spent all but one weekend in april on the road. and when i write “on the road” i mean traveling several hundred miles in each weekend. shortest trip: aberdeen, sd which is a mere 280 miles oneway (not counting the additional miles driving around the town and countryside). medium: easter break spent divided between my parents’ in parkston and sister in omaha. longest: 5 days of driving through north dakota (with pit stops in northern south dakota and northern minnesota). was here this weekend, will be gone the next two.

– pastorette. i preached twice at my [former] teaching parish (sermons: april 3 and may 1). helped to lead discussions about minnesota without poverty (and working to make my video spiffy…). presided over my cousin’s wedding (did everything a pastor does except sign the license). what all this adds up to: being busy.

– call. 4 interviews in 5 days in eastern north dakota synod in april. heard back from a couple initially, and one is definitely interested, so i’m super excited and am anxiously awaiting (with lots of prayer time and hearing God tell me to be still) the next steps with the hopes that it will pan out. that’s all i’m willing to say right now, but i’m hoping that by the end of this month (it’s may already…yikes!) to have a definite answer when people ask me what i’m doing when i graduate…

– hobbies. lately i’ve been crocheting (no, i’m not an old lady and yes, i find it relaxing) and watching a lot of movies and tv shows. fortunately the two go together. been working on a couple projects, but had forgotten just how long it takes to crochet anything. so if you happen to own anything crocheted like afghans, shawls or doilies, you should be very grateful that someone took time to craft some yarn into something useful and/or beautiful. and be especially grateful if they have more skill than i do (which is most people who crochet).

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