patience in the transition

the month of may is a time of transition.

students are figuring out how to spend the months of summer before the next school year. middlers are preparing to go off on internship. interns are preparing to transition back to classes. seniors are preparing to graduate.

and several senior m.div students are working their way through the call process.

we are all at different stages: some are waiting for congregations to start interviewing. several are at various stages already in the interview process. others interviewed and are waiting for congregational votes. some have been voted upon and were offered calls and are about to enter the negotiation stage. and a few already have papers signed and ordination planned and are waiting to finish up coursework.

where do i fall in this lineup?

waiting for the congregational voting that will take place this coming sunday.

prayers are welcome while i wait with my peers on the brink of so much transition.

~ “Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10 ~


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