sister bonding weekend and more

i spent the weekend with two sisters. numbers 1-3 of 5 sisters relaxed for a short time (although we briefly saw #5 kiana on friday but unfortunately #4 krissa is still in ny for a few more days). kendra (#3) put together a schedule for us to follow on saturday. and we almost followed it exactly. we’re not known for being good at following schedules…

our activities: watching movies, being entertained by my 2 1/2 yr old niece, shopping (we excel at this pastime, especially kayla, #2), exercising (well…the other two exercised since i took on “distract the toddler from disturbing the workout” duty after a mere 5 min of working out), making blueberry muffins (with whole wheat flour and fresh blueberries…yummy), grilling, etc

it was worth driving across two states (since the twin cities are in eastern minnesota and i traveled to western south dakota to see my sisters). of course, i saw plenty of signs for wall drug since i drove past wall (the town where the beloved tourist trap is located). i love the creativity of the signs since i don’t think any two are completely identical. that and it helps to pass the time by counting them. just in case you were wondering, as you get closer to wall from either direction, the signs are far more frequent and cease on the other side.

on the way back today, i stopped at a rest area in rural south dakota. i spent a few minutes listening to birds today without people noises (cars, kids on playgrounds, etc). no one was out that early on sunday morning. it was glorious after such a long time where noise was a constant. i miss nature, especially the sights and sounds of the wide-open prairie.

this afternoon i took my parents’ dog for a walk (i stopped by to deliver my niece’s and kendra’s card for mom). walked the short distance to the field (literally 100 feet or so from the front steps). i miss small town livin where you walk outside and encounter a field instead of people.

and the weather was perfect all weekend. 70s out in the black hills for our shopping day.  85 degrees with winds over 20 mph while walking the dog. perfect temps. (even if the cat refused to go outside today because it was so windy)

and in case you didn’t realize from the lineup of my family, i’m #1.


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