religion is natural

just in case you were wondering, there is a study that suggests it is human nature to seek out rational to explain events in life, specifically to look for a big, overarching agent in charge or putting the world in order (aka God)

here is a blog about it

i think it’s great that a study took three years to realize that people all across the world share a desire for religion (any form of belief system that seeks to find meaning and purpose and structure in life) to help them make sense of their lives.

and i think it’s great that most people surveyed not only seek meaning but also look for the agent that provides the meaning and purpose and structure.

and i think it’s great that the study encourages us to keep our minds open when talking to people with religious differences since we all share religion (no matter the particular variation) in common

but i am curious how atheists will respond to a study that tells them they are atypical since they reject the notion that there is an agent (aka God) at work in the world…


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