i picked the post title purposely.

1. aaahhhhh can be an exlamation of joy if followed by “!”

2. aaahhhhh can be a sigh of relief if followed by “…”

why, you ask, must i make the distinction?

1. because i’m overjoyed that i just turned in my final final.

2. because i’m relieved to be done.

why, you ask, am i overjoyed and relieved?

1. it’s because i’m happy that i have no more finals to write. i’m happy that i am done with coursework so that i can graduate and start my new call (by the way, did i mention that i signed a letter of call this past weekend to be the associate pastor for tri-county ministry, which is is parish comprised of 7 congregations on the north dakotan prairie?).

2. it’s also because i’m relieved to have the stress of finals and essay writing and reading theological books for class behind me. yes, i enjoy reading theological books and thinking about God and life and church. no, i do not enjoy reading for assignments. no, i do not like being graded (which is why i opted for pass/fail so i could learn without the pressure of being graded).

and now, you ask, how are you to respond?

1. aaahhhhh (rejoice with me)

2. aaahhhhh (be relieved like my family that i have a job after graduation and will not be moving in with my parents at age 26)

3. aaahhhhh (your audible sound of understanding and comprehension for why i posted what i did and why i’m feeling the emotions that i am experiencing)


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  1. AAAAAAAHHHHHHH…..I am so proud of you! Blessings!

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