sometimes when i’m perusing blogs and articles and whatnot on the internet, i run across things that make me sad.

like this article from the onion because i completely understand how frustrating and scary it is to communicate with intelligent people who are simply not agreeable…

or this article from the national geographic [i admit that i was unaware that my dad’s fave magazine was perusable online until today…] that fascinates while it appalls as it talks about child brides…

it breaks my heart to read these stories.

i want everyone to have basic rights, and i think respect for another human being is one of the basic rights. respect for thoughts and actions without needing to either capitulate to another’s views or else coerce them to your side. respect who they are as a person who is not to be belittled or traded as property.

my faith requires me to respect another.

because i find that respect is one form that love takes, i choose to respect people as a sign of my love.

i am commanded to love God and neighbor, after all.


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