time to slow down or speed up

depending on the day, the hour, my mood, the to-do lists and the weather, i am busy or not.

the last couple weeks have involved a lot of major changes in my life. i’m excited about most of them while also sad to say good-bye to what i’ve known and loved. (yes, you’ve read about most of this before)

1. finished classes and graduated. excited because i’m done writing papers. sad because i no longer see friends daily/weekly.

2. accepted a call. excited because i have a job in my chosen profession. sad because i have to move from seminary and the twin cities (with all the shopping…)

3. planning ordination. excited because it’s a big deal and we get to celebrate and rejoice and see people i haven’t seen in years. sad because i’m still planning and it’s stressful to plan…especially when you hate making decisions…

4. moving to a parsonage. excited because i’ll have a house (which means the kitchen will be all MINE). sad because i have to pack up and move. and i hate packing. and unpacking, now that i think about it…

5. stoles. excited because my mom (with help of the neighbor lady across the street) is making the stole for my ordination. and that an artist friend (emily) will be painting on it. sad because…okay, i’m not sad about the stole. except maybe a little thrown off by the fact that it represents a yoke…

6. weddings. excited because i love watching people in love and i enjoy dances, friends and/or family. excited because soon (and very soon) i will be the proud possessor of a license to marry. sad because i’m always showing up to the weddings without a date…

with all this going on, i have days where i seem to be sitting still, where i’m taking time to relax and savor the time i have before i move and start my new job. i bought a nook color (which is awesome) but have spent more time reading, playing sudoku or being on the web than i should when i need to be packing and planning.

other days, i seem to be running around, forgetting essential components to my plans. when it rains, it pours. that’s the perfect cliche to explain my life over the next few weeks.

and of course, i’m super excited to be moving to a part of the country that is currently in the 60s while minneapolis (where i’m currently at) is sitting 100+ degrees for the day…

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