or not…

why is it that time seems to stand still and then all of a sudden everything rushes by in a whirlwind of chaos and busy-ness? i love being constantly on the move, but it seems like i always take breaks at the wrong times (not helpful for my procrastination).

like now, after the running around with my head chopped off (random fact: i seriously want to watch a chicken being butchered just to see this with my own eyes) the past few days, the 1000+ miles on my car (that’s what i get for driving west across minnesota and north dakota then east across south dakota and minnesota), the ordination, the sister’s pinning/graduation ceremony, the time with family…

where was i? oh yeah… after all that list of busy-ness, i’m ready for a break.

so that’s tonight.

cause tomorrow i should be packing up my stuff in the apartment since i move in 5 days.

but i will probably take other breaks in order to see friends who will not be in my neck of the woods…


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