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in the summer i tend to live in a bubble. i watch movies. i read. i nap. i crochet.

i seldom watch/read the news.

but i have paid some attention recently.


the last couple weeks have seen a new set of tragedies.

the last weeks have been remarkable in providing a lot of food for thought as the tragedies from overseas are affecting people across the world who have bonded together to support those who have lost loved ones.


yet another musician died of a drug overdose.

what shocked me most was not that she is dead, but that she’s my age.

she died at age 27; i turn 27 in a few months.

i cannot imagine living a life so connected to addictions that are unhealthy, that could bring about death so quickly, that are so destructive.

i cannot imagine being her, and frankly, i never want to be.

no matter how talented she was, i would not want to be her.

especially not to be so young and talented and yet so dependent upon drugs.


and even more tragically, 76 people died in norway after shootings and bombings.

i feel so bad for the people of norway.

i feel horrible for a country that was known for peace and nonviolence.

i’m appalled whenever anyone takes the life of another, but to lose so many at once is a staggering blow. i cannot understand or fully comprehend the event, the pain, the rationale.


tragedy never makes sense.


all we can ever do is learn how to remember and move forward.

all we can do is wake up and see that there is some good in the world, no matter the pain and loss that is so obvious.


it’s not about forgive-and-forget.

it’s about moving forward.

it’s about creating a better, peace-filled world one moment at a time.


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