lessons in leading

last night, i was fortunate enough to not have to lead worship. throughout the months of july and august, i’ve not only had sunday services but also wednesday services. but last night, i was able to sit in the congregtion. i was able to sit back, to not lead, to simply be a worshipper, to have the word preached at me instead of preaching.

it was glorious.

[of course, i managed to get roped into reading the lessons, but i didn’t mind that since i’ve been active with that part of worship since junior high]

over the past few days, i’ve been thinking about what i’m doing (or not doing). and foremost on my mind was a sad lack in being able to worship for myself. i should know better than to give up being able to worship for my own sanity, but i’ve found over the last couple weeks that i was missing something and that i was becoming bogged down.

after last night, i was revitalized and realized that i missed being able to worship without leading worship.

i’ve yet to learn exactly how to lead worship without really leading so that i can also worship. by this i mean that leading is not the same as worshiping. i find that when i’m the leader, i seldom take time to focus on the worship service in the same way since i’m always looking ahead to see what is to come, as opposed to sitting back and just being there in God’s presence. i know that i’ll have to learn how to do this eventually since i’ll be spending every sunday (except when on vacation) preaching and leading worship. i’m one of two full-time pastors for 7 congregations, and i’m grateful that there is also an abundance of other preachers (whether retired pastors or lay ministers) to help out with sunday mornings so that we either preach 2 or 3 times, not 3 or 4. but no matter how many church services i may sit through, there is a different way of worshiping when you sit in the pew or when you stand up front.


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  1. I think it is important to worship in the congregation. I just do not know how pastor balance it. Maybe worth bringing up in the ELCA Clergy Facebook group.

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