today was a busy day.

i started off by driving 25 miles to a church where jessica and i taught confirmation to 10 jr high students. and spent the afternoon at a baptism.

and i realized by the end of the few hours with the kids that i have lost my touch working with boys that age since it’s been a few years since i was a camp counselor.
but it was fun.
and interesting and challenging to try to think of how to connect what we want to share and teach with their lives and experiences.

for example, the confirmation class today was all about baptism (and forgiveness and the body of Christ). and towards the end of the morning, i finally got them to sit up and pay attention.

wanna know my secret?

i talked about how relationships can be split apart with a lot of gross stuff between the two sides of the wound, much how like an awesome cut is skin broken apart with the bloody stuff showing.
and i think they got it.
because healing takes time, and picking at the scabs (aka aggravating the other side) never helps the healing process.

and tomorrow i get to preach three times about forgiveness in the midst of people remembering how the world has changed in the 10 years since 9/11, and in the midst of the congregations either celebrating their rally sunday or else the start of confirmation (depending on their church).

the world is a funny place with how some things have changed a lot but some things (like childish obsessions with bloody cuts) never do.


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