fair hills retreat

i had a great couple last days

pastors are so much fun to be with when you are a pastor and all of you are at a camp with no parishioners in sight…
oh wait
i had two parishioners there, but they’re camp directors so we’re really peers

it was fun to see the first call pastors again (it was mere days since we last spent time together) and to meet the other young pastors.
so enjoyable to learn exactly where people my age live.
sad that most live far, far away.
and by far, i mean not too far by north dakota standards since several are within 2 hrs driving time

days were spent worshiping and talking about self-care (while getting the maximum socialization we could) and eating the delicious food at camp.
a [former] prof of mine was there to talk about care for self and others, which is the exact class i had with her last year. it was a good refresher course and fun to be able to spend time in a more collegial setting now that the student/prof dynamics are over

we spent the evenings sitting outside
telling stories of what’s going on in our lives and in our congregations
trying to explain (or to understand) the many quirks that are unique to our ministry:
– midwesterners
– north dakotans
– norwegian-americans
– church ladies
– new vocab (like the “o fer ____” spoken in amazing accents, of course)
– food: 1. “lunch”=snack anytime of day, 2. coffee and “bars” aka any dessert served at “lunch”, 3. funeral sandwiches=buns, cheese whiz and sliced green olives
the first night we were up til midnight
the second [and final] night ended earlier due to being tired and to the severe cold (it was low 40s when we went inside)

and it will be amazing to get together at the end of the month with some who are in my first call cluster and the rest sometime in early 2012

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