i spent this morning with 13 teenagers this morning to talk about prayer. fortunately i had three other adults around to help lead small group discussions since 13 can be a bit much, especially when 9 of 13 were energetic boys and the 4 girls were all but silent…

i’m always amazed at how well things go and then fall apart. today i had the whole 3-hour session planned out with powerpoint for everything…
(at this point feel free to gasp that i was so organized since that NEVER happens).

the morning started out great. even though they all showed up a bit groggy, they kept their attention for the first 2 hours. jessica had them coloring posters that will be used as the year goes (and really, who doesn’t like to get out markers?). the only challenge came at the end of the day when i should have known better to keep them active and instead it turned into a bit of lecture-y moments.

and to top it all off, at the precise moment that i was going to shift their attention from reading and talking and listening to being able to connect with the internet for some music, the internet stopped working. just my luck. so of course, i had to switch around my plans at the last minute and supplement other plans.

plus, my computer has had a love/hate relationship with a particular dvd that came with the confirmation program. it’s been hit or miss to getting the chance to watch the 5-min snippets that provide discussion. i got one to work but the other failed. oh, computers…


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