life in general

something that i’m struggling with is balance

some days are better than others
some days i am able to have just the right amount of energy and enthusiasm and drive to complete all the tasks set ahead of me for the day
those are good times

other days…not so much
i have days where i push myself too much and then crash and don’t accomplish anything (which is never helpful to anyone)
i have days when i have too much on my plate and manage to complete all tasks (but barely meet deadlines and the final product is nowhere near the quality i desired)
i have days when i don’t have enough to do and therefore don’t have ambition to do anything
those are not so good

i’m still learning how much i can do
and i’m realizing that much of it is learning to balance what i want to do (gives me energy) with what i need to do (saps my reserves)

my fellow preachers at tri-county and i are doing a sermon series with a stewardship emphasis (but not the money kind), which means that i’ve been preaching the same thing the last three weeks (in order to get to all congregations)

it’s been a joy to preach without any notes whatsoever as i’m truly letting the spirit lead (which means i haven’t had a sermon to simply copy and paste in a blog post)
i hope people have appreciated the different style

summary of what i’ve been saying thus far:
1. stewardship involves hospitality, serving and loving, making sure everyone has enough and is cared for
2. we all are already stewards, so write down what you do to “serve in love”
(i’m compiling the answers to see what good people are doing throughout TCM)

what feedback i’ve been getting has been mostly good and encouraging
it always helps when you get comments like
“where do you get all your energy?”
or “i’m so glad you’re here”
or “i didn’t write anything down like you asked cause i was captivated by your sermon. that’s what’s supposed to happen, right?”

at community events, i’m usually out of my comfort zone since i become an introvert when surrounded by a bunch of people who know each other (small towns are that way) but don’t know me (yet know that i’m the new pastor) and are cautious about talking to the strange young lady in their midst
however, i’m definitely an extrovert when
1. i’m in charge of events
or 2. i know everyone
or 3. no one knows anybody

i’ve been going to a few sporting events (even bought an activity pass for the year)
and people actually talk to me!!!!!!!
i’m excited about this cause the first football game i attended was before i knew many people, plus it was poorly attended anyway, so no one sat by me
but it’s getting better as i’m getting recognized and i think people realize that i love being social at social events and i’m not going to force them to talk about anything they don’t want to since it’s a social setting (emphasis on social)
i think i spend more time chatting with people than i do paying attention to the games…

plus i’ve been going to church dinners/suppers in area communities
(dinners are at the noon hour while suppers are the evening meal…ahhh, i’m home in smalltown midwest since my mom serves breakfast, dinner and supper at home)
i joke (but am serious) that i like to attend these because i’m not cooking for myself
but it’s also fun to show up and meet random strangers who i may or may not ever meet again since they are from other towns/churches

i think i perfected the midwestern goodbye where you take longer to say goodbye and leave than the entire time you spent having other conversations
it takes me a long time to leave cause i keep finding new people to talk to or new topics to discuss as i near the exits…


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