being all growed up…

i’ve been reading many reflections and blog posts by friends as they talk about what it means to be an adult and how they feel like they are growing in maturity and responsibility, often to their own surprise

so i decided to compile a few of my own shockers/testers to see how i’m managing as an adult (or not)
– paying bills
– cleaning
– bedtimes/alarm clocks
– car upkeep

in all four, i would not necessarily be a responsible adult
– i don’t really pay bills since i live in a parsonage so most are covered, or else the bill is taken out of my paycheck or account automatically
– i am horrible at cleaning and keeping everything organized, but my main emphasis upon cleaning to show how i’m more grown up: i have to clean my own bathroom (i miss when the cleaning staff did that for me)
– i go to bed basically when i want to (often much later than i should) but get up when i need to
– the family mechanic (aka dad) lives too far away for him to do everything, so all maintenance is now scheduled with the professionals

the other random sign i noticed most recently for being an adult: i bought new phones
i bought a set of two cordless ones so i can have one on the main floor and one upstairs so when people call me at random hours of the day (i’ve gotten phone calls between 6:45 am and 10:30 pm from parishioners or family), i don’t have to run downstairs while half asleep and possibly slide on the hardwood
that’s right, i have a phone in my bedroom now
and if that’s not a sign of being all growed up, i don’t know what is

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