life in nd

life is crazy at times

crazy busy: spending a lot of time either planning and prepping (bible studies, sermons), doing stuff on the computer (video for worship, new blog for tcm), visiting (ill and grieving this week), leading worship, attending ordinations (one this past saturday and i think i’ll go to one this coming saturday), various meetings, etc. it seems like some days i don’t get much down time, but at least i’m likin most of what i do.

crazy chaotic: just when i think i have plans made, something comes up and throws my week off…getting phone calls from funeral directors tend to be major culprits.

crazy fun: just the other morning on my way to church, i saw some cowboys moving cattle. i’m flying down the gravel road when i spy a horse trailer on the side. then closer i saw a couple horses and riders. then i saw the cows in transit. yeah, it was awesome and totally made my day. i wish i thought to take pictures, but i have a nagging suspicion that it shall happen again since i live in a part of the world where many cattle are raised.

and just plain crazy: i went to the “acres of terror” the other day. extremely dark out, walking through the corn and creepy buildings, taking rides in horse trailers or with a bus driver whose driving skills leave something to be desired. oh, and bonding with teenagers through all of this. and once again, i realize just how much i don’t get scared in haunted houses.

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