monthly update

it’s been awhile, folks.
sorry about that.
i could come up with a lot of excuses (busy, was on vacation, etc) but the most prominent (and honest) is that i haven’t felt like blogging.

but i think it’s time.

here are some updates from the past month:
1. i got a dog. his name is ziggy. he’s a five year old shih tzu. he’s nice and friendly and loves people. i was told he never barks and doesn’t know how to play fetch. that was a lie. he barks and plays fetch and acts like a typical dog.
[and yes, for those who know me as a self-proclaimed cat-person and dog-hater, i’m having fun with my puppy]

2. i got new furniture. i ordered a bedroom set for the master bedroom way back in december but finally managed to have it delivered today (thanks to the combination of them only heading my way on wednesdays and me being on vacation a lot in january). it’s pretty. and the master bedroom no longer echoes.
another notch for my “feel like a grown up column” now that i own a bed that doesn’t fold into a couch…

3. i already gave up on any new year’s resolutions i had, so it is a good thing that i never actually had any goals…

4. i went on vacation to south dakota.
– spent some time with kendra, trevor and libby out in the black hills. bought some new cowboy boots (cause it’s cool to fit in with the ranchers in my congregations).
– officiated a wedding for emma, a friend from college. was great to catch up with a couple of other people i knew from my days at augie, like claire and liz and judy and to [briefly] see some of the library ladies, especially my former boss becky!
– spent a couple days with my parents in parkston. saw lorena, who was like a grandma to me while growing up. and my grandparents who drove up for dinner (noontime dinner, that is).

5. i went to the twin cities and had a great time
– attended luther seminary convocation. this was the first time i really attended since any time before was as a student. but i came back as a grad and a pastor. it was awesome to see my colleagues and my classmates!
– hanging out with sem friends katie and katie and new friends will and jad.
– chilling with jess and emily and hannah.
– shopping with jess. scored some great deals at kohl’s, trader joe’s and ikea…woot!

6. i still haven’t sent off christmas cards…and it’s not likely that they will even be ready for valentine’s day (which isn’t a real holiday that i ever want to celebrate). maybe st patty’s day (which i’m always willing to celebrate!). so if you were waiting for a card to arrive and felt abandoned or let down, don’t worry that i forgot you or ignored you. i’m just lazy and unmotivated to address cards…

7. i’ve been reading a lot of science-fiction or fantasy lately. i like the strange worlds and magic. such things make me happy and wistful for me to be able to do the impossible…

i think that’s enough for now.

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