wow moments

yesterday was a ridiculously awesome day!

i started off with bible study (we’re reading our way through the gospel of mark). it was a great discussion time with a group of adults who love to read scripture and think big thoughts. 

then i went on my merry way towards cooper with a stop at the post office where i picked up not one but two packages! mom sent me some girl scout cookies and kayla with krissa’s help put together a giant box of randomness. included in the randomness: two pairs of cowboy boots (yep, i’ve gone western), some decorative wall tiles, dog toys, duck hunting gun game (just like every other gun i’ve ever owned, it’s plastic!), and a “Holy Toast” bread stamper (now i too can eat toast that looks like the virgin mary). 

cooper was a nice afternoon with a noon lenten service of reading scriptures and praying with lots of silence for meditation. followed by soup and sandwich. then i ventured to check out the little shops in cooper where i got a smoothie and found a boutique with some purses i fell in love with… then on to a women’s circle meeting. 

next stop was binford for evening lenten worship services, and i was having a good ole time chatting with people. 

then on to mcville for the last stop of the day. soup followed by lenten service #3. then a council meeting. 

and finally, i went home and let my dog out (he was in the basement all day since yesterday he puked on my carpet). we took a walk and i admired the GLORIOUS stars last night. so bright and pretty. 

it was all-around one of the best days i’ve had in a long time since i was in a good mood literally all day (only downer was the worrying as to what my dog was going to get into while i was not home…). 

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