Holy Week schedule

in case you were wondering, i’m surviving the busiest week of the year for pastors…the notorious holy week with 4 days with church services in 8 days

palm sunday was fun watching kids with palms (even funnier to watch adults with palms acting like kids)

monday was a day off

tuesday was staff meeting day and i crashed the quilters in binford briefly 

wednesday was bible study in the morning and a worship/music committee meeting in the afternoon and confirmation in the evening. teenagers make me laugh, especially when they decide that they don’t like my vehicle because it’s not a chevy…

thursday was maundy thursday (took me a couple decades to learn how to spell maundy properly) and i had two different services that night. 

friday (aka today) was good friday. i had pork chops with senior citizens for lunch (or dinner, depending on what culture you live in). two services tonight. and i have decided that coordinating lights being dimmed/turned off and candles being extinguished is not my strength…my perfectionism demanded that i do everything and not let people make mistakes.

tomorrow i have a baptism (yay babies!)

then sunday is a big day with three church services in the morning with a stop in the afternoon at the nursing home for another service

then at around 3 pm in the afternoon i have an appointment with either the couch or my bed for a much-needed nap…

that’s my crazy busy life and i’m loving it!

[i hate being bored…]

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