after easter

one of the most remarkable aspects of being a pastor is how many times i expect life to slow down.
i knew the season of lent and especially holy week were going to be crazy busy (but awesome and powerful).
then i expected to have a breather.
of course, God doesn’t seem to appreciate slackers, so some work was sent my way.

this week has also been busy. in the downtime of the week (between meetings) i was prepping for bible study, confirmation and writing a newsletter article while also trying to prep for the synod assembly this weekend.
chaos and stress.
monday i had a meeting to briefly touch base with my senior pastor to plan confirmation then i cleaned my house (well, the main floor…my bedroom looks like the closet vomited) for a party at the parsonage.
tuesday started with an early meeting where i got to meet other individuals who work with youth in the county (from school counselors to law enforcement officers to social workers). i knew 4 of the 10 there, which i thought was pretty impressive.
wednesday was bible study, nursing home service, hospital visit, and confirmation.
thursday (today) was the conference meeting, office hours, and a town hall meeting.

side note: every single time i hear “town hall meeting” i think i’m in the wild west era…

here is my sermon from this past sunday.
nothing spectacular, but i warn you that i did fluff a bit and switch the order cause i don’t just read manuscripts.
click on the following words to read: April 15


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