one of the biggest challenges for me is the fact that my job requires me to spend a lot of time sitting (even now as i type this blog post, i’m sitting).

i sit and read scripture.
i sit and write sermons.
i sit and visit with people (usually, although sometimes i get to stand)

the day when i spend a lot of time standing is sunday morning while leading worship and standing around fellowshipping.

as part of a healthy leader challenge, i have been tracking how much i walk a day.
[it’s not the exact amount since i am always guesstimating, but i think i come close to the actual]
i had set up a goal of how much i’d like to walk a day (and what i thought that i could handle finding time for), but i have adjusted my goal.
i lessened my goal, but i find that since i lowered my expectations, i have actually come closer to the original goal.
this may be due to the fact that i feel much better about my accomplishments when i surpass goals. i set low standards but i always usually go above and beyond when my goal is attainable. when my goal is set too high, i discourage myself even before i begin.

i also have adjusted the overarching reason that i am doing this.
i thought it was to lose weight (which has basically been the same for the last several years).
but it turns out that i just want to feel healthy, to be able to feel good about myself.
my weight does not define my happiness, but my overall well-being does.

also part of this challenge is taking on a spiritual challenge, a “slow down” activity that encourages some intentional time set aside for centering prayer.
i have been trying this for over a week now, and i find that i am challenged by noise around me.
i hear birds outside windows. i am distracted by the dog breathing. i can’t center when there is music playing (i thought i’d try it and see since i normally surround myself with music).
but if nothing else, it has been good to realize that even a couple minutes a day helps to ground and center us, giving a little bit back into our souls when we focus on God instead of the stress of daily life.


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  1. rebecca breddin

    Ugh.. i was hoping it (sitting all day) was going to change after seminary…might as well get moving now! I enjoy reading your blog!! Thanks for sharing!

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