a great day to be a pastor

every once in a great while, God sends us people and events that remind us of our calling.
and today, i was blessed with such a day.

church this morning was fun.
i had two teenage girls show up at my house before 8 am so we could go to lead worship.
we led at a small country church.
then we led at the small town church.

it was rogation sunday, so we asked God to bless the seed, soil and water.
these are the main elements for crops to grow in addition to sunlight (which is kinda hard to put in a jar)

then, because i grew up with rogation sunday where we also blessed the tools and machinery, we blessed the toy tractors some people brought.
yeah, i asked people to dress like farmers or gardeners and to bring tractors, garden tools, seeds, soil, etc.
i wore jeans and boots (which i then used at a ranch that afternoon).

i even had the kids place their hands on the “elements” and pray with me to bless them.
i think they liked it since they all looked so serious.

and these kids were simply amazing.
i asked who caused plants to grow.
and one answered “mom and God.”
right on, kid, right on.

[side note: i guess his mom is the one usually in the tractor, not his dad]

but the church service also was a celebration of first communion for one young man who was really excited.
and we welcomed him and his entire family as new members

great day at worship!

then i went on a visit in the afternoon.
not your typical “go and sit down and drink hot beverages and eat desserts with an old lady” visit.
i went to ride horse and help check cattle.
yeah, that’s right.
they were in the midst of calving season and i said i wanted to help.
so i spent a few hours this afternoon riding horse (which i have not done in a few years, so i expect to be sore in the morning).
i impressed a seven-year-old by not falling off the horse, even when trotting.
we had great conversation and it was a lovely visit.

and just as i was getting ready to leave, there was a double rainbow in the sky.

enjoy the pics i took:

double rainbow (compiled from a few pics)

double rainbow over hay bales

rainbow in john deere country...


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