life is full of ups and downs, and i was reminded of this today

today started off as a typical day like the past few weeks where i have been doing my job without getting overwhelmed and taking time for replenishing my energy when needed with quiet time.
but today i found that i was back to my extroverted self where i got energized by being around energetic people.

i started off with the weekly staff meeting, but this time we ended our day with a shopping spree in binford, which means it wasnt really a spree at all but we did manage to buy electrical fence posts…
then this afternoon involved setting visits and walking in the heat and humidity to get mail but having a random conversation with a gentleman in town to fill up a water tank at the station across from the church.
then a three-hour meeting with the tri-county council. normally i am not the biggest fan of council meetings, but tonight i enjoyed the conversation and didnt even look at a clock once. i thought it invigirating, thoughtful, productive and Spirit-filled.
on the way back home i talked to my mom.
then i walked my dog just as the sky was finally turning black at 10:30.

but then i heard about the death of a teen.
and suddenly, my mood was less ecstatic and much more somber.
i was reminded that God only gives us so much time on earth.

so i decided to balance my somber mood with remembering the good things God gave me that i experienced today:
– good conversation
– exciting ministry opportunities
– creativity and flexibility and graciousness in the midst of change
– a dog who is always excited to see me
– sunshine and breezes and warmth
– fresh fruit
– beautiful music
– wildflowers

thanks be to God

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