recent thoughts

the past two sundays i was fortunate enough to get to preach on the same text a total of 5 times (which is less than some other texts).
i’m always amazed at how i gain insight as i drive between services, which means that i never preach the exact same sermon more than once.

i attached the pdfs for two sermons preached on june 24 (and again on july 1).
one is for the “typical” services (preached off this 4 times) – June 24 sermon
the other is for the “cowboy worship” service in binford – Cowboy Worship sermon

but i didn’t update my sermon pdf with my new insights about the story where Jesus calmed the sea and wind.

so here is my big aha moment:
the disciples make a big statement of faith when they are startled and make the comment “Who then is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him?”
they would have read the scriptures that state that only God could reign in and control the wind and sea (see the psalms and job).
so when they make that comment, they must have been connecting their friend/mentor/teacher with the God who controls that which no mere human being could control…
and that is pretty impressive indeed


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