When it rains, it pours…

The recent days have been full of ups and downs. A week ago, my nephew Tucker joined the world. Today, I am sitting in a hospital room with my little sister recovering from a car accident.

Allow me to elaborate…
Last week my sister Kendra gave birth.
Sunday after church I headed on the road to see the baby and momma.
I was the first of the aunts to hold him!

Two days in the Black Hills and Kiana showed up on Tuesday. We chatted early into the morning like sisters should.
I was planning on going to meet up with Kayla and Krissa somewhere in SD as they were driving back from Nashville for a visit. I was also going to get my dog and head back north 6 hrs…

Then I got a phone call from mom in the wee hours of the morning.
Kayla and KrissaMarie were in a car accident.
Head-on collision with a drunk driver going the wrong way on the interstate.

So my parents started driving to Missouri where they were taken to two different hospitals in the northern part of the Kansas City metro area.

It took firemen 1.5 hours to get Kayla out. And then they got Krissa out after Kayla since they couldn’t get to her door due to being on a ledge.

Kayla has a lot of broken bones: crushed right femur, broken left femur, crushed right elbow, crushed left wrist, broken left forearm.
She was the sleepy passenger whose side took the brunt of the impact.
She is in a lot of pain with her injuries and recovering from 12 hrs of surgery.
But she is also still being really sweet and polite and caring, worrying about others and not wanting to be a burden for anyone.
At the same time she is also showing glimpses of humor.

KrissaMarie has a lot more superficial wounds visible (Kayla’s are wrapped up).
Massive bruises, lots of scrapes, stitches between toes.
She was the driver whose leg got pinned and who suffered some internal bleeding (but not serious enough for surgery).
She is also in some pain with her knee, hip and stomach but well enough that we are starting to talk about getting discharged.

The car is done for.
Head-on collision + fire + jaws of life = Kayla needing a new car
The car started on fire but fortunately the witness following them put it out.
The firemen took a LOOOONG  time to get them out of the wrangled mess. And afterwards many of them talked about how they have never seen anyone walk away from such destruction. Even the guy who towed the car was amazed they are alive.
Kayla loved her car but it is never going to be driven again.

It is a miracle that they are alive. Between massive damage to the car plus a fire plus the fact that they were almost pushed over the barrier to fall several feet to the road below, they were lucky. God truly watched over them.

So now we are in “divide and conquer” mode where we take turns driving between hospitals.
We have a small entourage from SD here to help and support us.

Prayers are greatly appreciated.
Pray for pain relief, for patience, for healing, for forgiveness.



  1. Dee

    Praying for a speedy recovery. Tell them that we are thinking and praying for them back here in Parkston. God be with all during this tragedy.

  2. Leah

    Oh Kara! While the pictures were bad enough, the description of the injuries are even worse! I’m definitely keeping your sisters in my prayers! I pray your family stays safe during the recovery in MO. It’s hard enough to have this happen at home, and even tougher when it happens 3 states away! I’m constantly reminded of your family with my ever-delightful-demon-possessed cat!

  3. Praying lots and lots! Seriously let me know if you need anything. Sending you all tons of love!

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