Saturday – day 4

Sitting in a hospital room is not exactly what I was expecting to be doing today, but we find ourselves in unusual circumstances a lot.
It’s hard to believe four days ago all was right in the world (at least for me and my family) and now our lives were thrown off kilter.

Krissa is getting primped and ready for a wedding where she is a bridesmaid. Yes, she’ll have a new brace on her knee and some really awesome bruises to show off, but she is going to be there.

Kayla is doing amazing, all things considering. She is looking good, even when she is screaming on the inside. Still some swelling and pain, but that is to be expected.

I think we are all getting mixed up with our days.
The hours and days are blurring together.
I know that in my mind it seems like it has been more than three days…
It seems as though we have been here weeks already.
It might be because I have not slept too much the last few nights. Wed morning I was woken up early. Wed and Thursday nights Casey and I slept in Kayla’s room, taking turns trying to stay awake to hear when Kayla needed water and ice or to adjust limbs. Last night I left the hospital and slept 7 hrs.
And I felt a little guilty cause I wasn’t there to help in the night.
But I do know enough to realize that I needed undisturbed sleep in order to be helpful in any way, shape or form.



  1. You are a rockstar Kara and I am certain your sisters would agree.

    Sending you lots of love and still holding you in prayer!!!

    • Thanks!

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