Sunday update

Today was a bit rough.

Started off fine with Kayla having slept last night now she has different meds.
Of course, still lots of pain. Arms, legs, stomach. Not lessening since it hurts to move which is exactly what she needs to be doing. Constantly making sure that her feet and fingers get blood, that muscles move, that swelling is controlled.

Krissa went to the wedding yesterday and is exhausted today. I hear rumors they used a cart and got her on the dance floor…

If you are interested in seeing news coverage, KMBC of Kansas City (oddly enough where dad’s cousin works on the news team) has video on YouTube. Search for I-435 crash.

The family issued a press release thanking everyone in this area for their support, especially those at the scene and in the hospitals. We are grateful for the many prayers coming from all across the country and world, especially here in the KC area, Nashville, and the Dakotas.

As we hear stories of other accidents, we are made more award of how blessed we are. Not that we are out of the woods yet, but there is a lot of hope.



  1. Gale Kurtenbach

    Continued prayers for your family…stay strong and lean on one another

  2. Connie Neugebauer

    Have been sending prayers of strength and courage for KrissaMarie and Kayla and all of the family. Know that there are many including you in their prayers during these difficult days. Stay strong!

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