One week later…

So technically yesterday was the week mark, but I figured that people are forgiving and will be okay if I update you today about Kayla and Krissa.

KrissaMarie is still in quite a bit of pain but is at home and moving around slowly. The seatbelt did a number on her abdomen (it’s a really gruesome bruise). And she FINALLY got an MRI done on her knee. The hospital in KC for whatever reason did not scan her knee to see if any tendons were damaged, only an X-ray to make sure that nothing broke. No word yet on results, but we’re all hoping that she will only need rehab and no surgery.

Kayla has stabilized enough that the doctors are talking about discharging her. If all continues to go well, she ought to be on her way home to SD soon! Mom and Dad are busy trying to organize a ride back as well as having Kendra, Krissa and Kiana clean up the house so that a bed (or two) can be moved onto the main floor. Kayla will still need round the clock care until she has use of at least one arm. At this point her right elbow is wrapped and not moving (but able to move that wrist) while the left forearm and wrist are wrapped (but the elbow bends). She has started putting some pressure on her left leg to help pivot and move around.

Kayla and KrissaMarie are becoming quite the celebrities. The story of their crash have been some of the top-clicked stories in the KC area.
I know that there are lots of stations to search. If you want to find more info, search for their names and “I-435 crash” to see what comes up.
Krissa even did an interview with KSFY in Sioux Falls earlier this week, which shocked all of us since Krissa hates doing interviews.

It may seem a bit selfish, but the reason that we are doing any interviews is the fact that we have set up or are promoting some benefit funds.
Kayla, even though she had two part-time jobs, did not have health insurance since she is too old to be on our parents’ plan. Car insurance ought to cover some of the costs, but not all.
Krissa is fortunate to be young enough to still be on our parents’ health insurance.

There are two main fundraisers at this moment. I know that some are waiting to see if a church-based fundraiser will happen, but I have not heard anything at this point.
1 – Kayla’s amazing classmates from Johns Hopkins University set up an online site (there is a deadline when they will close it):
2 – The family also went to one of the local banks and set up an account. You can go to any First Dakota Bank and deposit into her fundraising account (Kayla Wiechmann Benefit Fund).

Mom wanted me to make sure and thank everyone for the love, support and prayers. Especially the prayers. We have been overwhelmed by the care and concern people have shown, whether they are family, friends or strangers. We are extremely grateful that people are so interested and willing to help in any way they can. We have a long road ahead of us, but we know that with the continued support we can make it through. We are clinging to the hope that God has a plan for Kayla’s and Krissa’s futures since they are still here.

But we also know that others are not so fortunate with car accidents. We are deeply sorry for those who have lost their loved ones or who have watched their loved ones suffer brain traumas. We cannot imagine their pain, but we will be keeping them in our prayers as we continue to pray for strength and healing.

NOTE: I was told Friday by mistake, but now there is not a precise date again.

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  1. Thank you for the update Kara. Holding you and your family in prayer.

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