Here are PDF links for sermons I preached in the month of July and the first part of August (I refuse to post the sermon I’ll be preaching this weekend and on Wednesday evening until all congregations have heard it).

July 8 sermon

prophets sermon

August 12

I’m always amazed at how many times I can preach off the same manuscript but it never exits my mouth the same way twice. I add things, I subtract things, I switch orders.

For example, the August 12 sermon was preached 4 times on Sunday and 2 times on Wednesday. And I know that sometimes it was shorter while other times it ran on a bit longer. Some preaching felt smoother with better transitions. Words flow at different rates and in different orders.

But even more amazing is that everyone hears the message with their own ears and different words or phrases or ideas might stick out. The Spirit is truly at work in the midst of preaching so that you will hear whatever it is that you need to hear. And you will hear it when you need to hear it.

It’s not about when I speak, but when the Spirit moves in your ears and hearts and minds and souls.

One of the biggest challenges as a preacher is letting go of the control I so desire. Whenever I think that I have an amazing message to convey, I begin to realize that whatever I found so amazing was usually what I needed more than anyone else. And sometimes when I think that my well has run dry and the sermon will flop, I can look out and see the faces of people who are soaking up whatever message they are hearing.

God is in control of the words I say and the messages people hear.

And that is not always an easy lesson to learn.


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