Sisterly update

I have been busy this afternoon sending/receiving phone calls from family.
(while sitting at my office desk and doing my pastor duties as well – multitasking!)

Few things to update about Krissa:
1. Krissa’s bruises are basically all gone. Please feel free to be saddened about this, because Krissa is kinda bummed. Her bruises were a source of pride. After all, if you’re gonna bruise, better make it a good one. And deep, dark purple/almost black is a good one.
2. Krissa is doing PT regularly to keep her knee strong. Once a week up in Sioux Falls, rest of the time in Parkston. She’s not too pleased about having to go through therapy again (doesn’t seem like too long ago that she was recouping from the rugby injury). Still debating about surgery or no surgery to repair the PCL. Will depend on if she’d be able to play the sports she wants without a PCL (no contact sports like rugby or football, of course, but volleyball was approved by the neurosurgeon).

And about Kayla:
1. Surgery went well on Tuesday. She had broken her leg in the crash, but a break went unnoticed in the midst of numerous other, more severe, breaks until last week when the swelling just never went down and the pain never lessened. She’s still at McKennan in Sioux Falls. According to Kendra, she may be able to go home in the next day or two! This is a much shorter hospital stay than before…
2. Kayla has a long road to recovery, but also weighing on her mind are the astronomical costs. If you know Kayla, then you know that she is extremely conscientious about spending money. Unfortunately for her, she was too old to be on her parents’ insurance plans and despite working two jobs, neither offered health insurance. And we just found out that the car insurance was not going to cover anywhere near what we had thought they would.
We are grateful for the generosity of many who went to the website set up by her JHU colleague and donated over $4000 dollars. If you didn’t contribute then but wish to, we also set up a bank account at any First Dakota National Bank under the name of “Kayla Wiechmann benefit fund.”


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