Life these days

One of the biggest challenges in my life is learning balance. I seem to run under large amounts of either stress or boredom or excitement.
Last week was excitement. I went to the cities to visit Jess and shop at my fave stores that don’t exist in North Dakota. Fantastic trip, even if it was a lot of miles and several hours in the car. Then Jess and I ventured to Sioux Falls for our five year college reunion. It was great to be able to see familiar faces, many of whom I had not seen since graduating from Augie. It was fun seeing how things change and yet some things never do. Like the remodeling that happens, the new students on campus who were in Jr high when I was in college, but then professors who still have their catchphrases that remind me of the days sitting in class and soaking up knowledge.
The afternoon was spent shopping. Jess and I met up with Kayla and Casey who were in town for Kayla’s PT. Or OT. IDK.
We ate and shopped a bit.
It was great to see Kayla walking around without a walker! She can at least get into and out of vehicles without assistance (unless really tired or sore). She was in wheelchairs while shopping since she’s still working on endurance for long walks, but she can get to the doors on her own!
After the afternoon came the class reunion. Highlight (besides catching up with people): Jess won an iPad!
Early the next morning I went back North for a memorial service and burial. And it was great to be reminded that so much joy and countless blessings can come out of loss. The family was so excited to be meeting cousins and having a few days to not battle traffic or large crowds (they came from California).
Sunday I had my typical three services, then retreated to be a hermit until Tuesday. Literally only left my house to walk the dog.
But things picked up again.
And I am tired.
But a good tired.
Lots of visits, meetings, confirmation prep and teaching, and reflecting on tomorrows sermon.
I’m missing the fun of a cousin’s wedding (sorry, Rachael!) but the weekend was packed with pastor-y events.

Oh, on a fun note: draw something is highly addictive…


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