over the last couple months, things have changed
trees were green but then covered in snow
temperatures dropped with some days not even getting above freezing
education started
new activities for youth and families at church


I have been thinking a lot about change
whether it’s good and beneficial or nerve-wracking
should we know in advance or just take things as they come
how to prepare for what we see changing
how to entrust ourselves and our futures to God

as thanksgiving approaches, I am trying to be grateful for change
some days are easier to appreciate change, like when weather cool and leaves color, or when snow falls and everything looks clean and pretty
but other changes don’t look as appealing when we are being forced to change some deep inside ourselves
but no matter we change on the outside or in our hearts, change is a sign that we are not stuck in the past but that we are constantly moving towards new and exciting times to come

change is scary but I think attitude plays a key role in helping to form who we are as people who are constantly facing and moving past change

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