This morning, we woke up in North Dakota to find the whole world to be an ice rink.

God has definitely been having a good time giving us variations of winter wonderland.
Ice and snow to get us to slow down and see the beauty in trees without using the bright colors.

Thank you for the freezing rain!

Depending on how you look at this, the ice is good and bad:
– Bad and dangerous because slipping and falling on the ice hurts
– Good and fun because we can slip and slide and pretend to be world-class ice skaters

Here are some pics I took with my phone to capture the awesomeness of the ice


And to think that this is weekend #2 that we had some form of winter storm.
Last weekend we had about 7 inches of snow for a different type of winter wonderland:


And from a foggy morning last month:

And a random sunset

And who says North Dakota is boring and lacks beauty?
They obviously don’t live here


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