changes are a comin

over the last few weeks, some major changes have either taken place or are in the process of changing.

and change is scary. there is no way to get around the fact that people are uncomfortable with change: uncertainty, fear of the unknown, inability to remain optimistic, unwilling to to adjust and adapt, etc.
whatever the reason people don’t like change, the reality is that our lives are constantly full of change.

there are days when i am extremely irritated by those who are afraid of change, especially since my entire life is full of both unexpected and anticipated changes.
for me, change is exciting.
change means that God is still creating something new, recreating what we have now and breathing new life into the stagnant and overly familiar.

because that is what life is.
life is all about change.

we talk about milestones in our lives.
people remember fondly first words of babies, first steps of toddlers, first time driving a car, first kiss, first communion, first day of school, first haircut, first time a tooth falls out, first move away from home, first death of a family member or friend.
and each “first” we encounter and live through is a change in our lives that needs to happen, even as we mourn what we lose through the change while embracing the new future.

change is always good and bad.
good because we are moving on and forward into the new future.
bad because we don’t know what the future is going to look like.

right now in my life, the major changes are connected to my life as a pastor.

i recently started a new bible study series in mcville that excites me a lot.
and by a lot, i mean a lot.
we are talking about prophets.
i am working my way through the old testament prophets, one a week.
and if you think it’s easy to talk about a prophet within an hour time frame, you have never tried.
but i am also changing the format of our bible study.
instead of simply reading texts, i start the hour with a song.
and a song that comes from pop culture that most of our church members would never hear otherwise.
i’m sure the ladies were wondering what i was thinking when i started with the music, and i’m sure some of them are nervous to see what other random music i will find, but i also think they are starting to like this change.

but the other big change is one that i cannot control.

my fellow co-pastor will be leaving to accept a new call.
which is very exciting.
i am happy for her as she steps into a new future apart from TCM.
i think it will be a good change for her, for the parish and for me.
but it is a bit nerve-wracking.
right now my stress levels are pretty steady and relatively low.
my personality is such that i weather change quite well when i realize that i have no control and i don’t even try to affect the change.
so for now, i am simply waiting to see what the change will look like so i can start planning for the new future.
because some big decisions need to be made over the next couple weeks.
i will be learning a lot about call process not from the perspective of the pastor being hired or the congregational members choosing the next pastor, but from the pastor waiting for a new colleague and continuing to minister to those waiting for a new pastor.

my role will be changing.
i might be a solo pastor for a while if we don’t get an interim right away.
or i might be the full-time pastor working with an interim.

either way, things are changing.
and i’m waiting to see what God has in store for the future.
because i have a nagging suspicion that things will end up better than before, even if it looks vastly different.

because i really do believe that change is how God creates/re-creates our reality.


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