i went searching to find my resolutions that i made this year.
and i found that i didn’t have any.
which doesn’t bother me, since i didn’t fail to complete them.
but i do miss out on having that feeling of accomplishment, of knowing that i have managed to check off at least one item from my list.

it always amazes me to look back on a year and see what happened, while realizing that you could never anticipate most of what happens in our lives.

i had a good, mostly uneventful year for the first half. then it seems like i was never able to fully rest, to stop the worrying or stress.

good things:
– trips to montana, wyoming, new york, new orleans
– birth and baptism of my nephew Tucker
– settling in to my role as a pastor
– getting a dog

bad things:
– the big accident
– getting sick for the last month of the year

overall, i know that there were lots of good, exciting things but i really did not think that the year turned out as being awesome.
it was not the best year i’ve had.
and that is about as nicely as i could say it.

which means that i really hope that this next year will be better.
i pray that God has some nice plans for me during the year 2013.


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