manic sunday

today was a manic day.
but in a good way.

i started off by waking up around 6 am.
if you know me, then you know that i am NOT a morning person.
i have a love/hate relationship with sundays because of this.
love worship, hate early mornings.
and as a pastor, early mornings on sundays are a given.
so depending on the day, my mood will either be in “i hate mornings” mode or else “i love worshiping God” mode.

today was more the “God, please get me through the day” mode.

so here was the schedule:
three church services in the morning.
then an annual meeting.
and a potluck.
then a chapel service.
then an annual meeting.
then another worship service.
then another potluck.
then i finally went home where i promptly changed into pajamas and began to loaf around on the couch.

if you didn’t know what i do for a living, you’re probably wondering how on earth anyone could possibly have so much church in one day.
well, this month i have been a solo pastor for 7 congregations.
yes, the parish has pulpit supply to help out so all congregations can worship.
yes, the interim arrives this week so that no, i won’t always be alone.

but it was a manic day going from one thing to another with no real downtime.
and by no real downtime, i mean that i was in pastor mode and around people from 8:15 am to 6:15 pm.
no break anywhere.
all i can say is that if God didn’t have my back, i’m not sure i could have made it through the day.

i mean, i was on the road before 7:30 am.
(remember how i’m not a morning person? yeah, i prefer not waking up til around 8)
but i had to be getting in my vehicle around 7:20 so i could be 48 miles away and be ready for 8:30 worship.
en route, i saw at least 150 deer. kid you not. at least 150.
that is a ridiculous amount. most stayed in the fields, but i did have to slow down a few times to make sure i didn’t collide with one.

and i also had fun admiring how the wind would cause snow to drift and dirt to accent the snow.



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