the haps

there are a lot of thoughts that have been percolating in my brain lately:

1. today i walked to the bank and post office! haven’t done this in weeks. last time was when the temps were above freezing (literally about 35 degrees). today was a balmy 15ish! i think i’ve adapted pretty well to the cold, if i do say so myself.

2. yesterday i toured the churches with the new interim pastor at tri-county. weird to think that i’m the teacher sharing my wisdom on how to be a pastor for 7 congregations, especially since he’s been a pastor longer than i’ve been alive.

3. i can’t remember the last time i paid for a roll or drink when i show up for coffee hour at the cafe in binford. someone always pays for the $1-2 item. nice little way to feel appreciated.

4. i’m fed up with finances. spent way too much time thinking about and organizing tax info. at least i dropped off most of the paperwork for someone else to have the headache…

5. planning a trip to europe is fun and exciting and overwhelming at this point. i’ve never tried to coordinate with another person going with, which makes it extra challenging. but i’m looking forward to the trip with krissa, even if we might be excluding others. right now i think the biggest challenge is figuring out what is feasible for us to do physically and financially.

6. reading some good stuff lately where i escape reality only to make me think critically about the world we live in. reread the hunger games trilogy lately and starting “ender’s game” for a book club discussion. most disturbing thing is to think about how kids are involved with war and violence, but i suppose that sheltering them from all harm would be just as detrimental to them if they are unable to cope when they become adults…

7. daydreaming about what craft-y projects to accomplish. i got a recent order for a large afghan, which is doable. but the new addition is to figure out how to crochet letters into the mix. and of course i don’t want to start it until i have it mentally figured out so that i don’t have to start, then tear apart, then restart. also keep meaning to go through piles of fabric and figure out something cute to make. or to bring out the scrapbooking and finish some projects that have been collecting dust the last couple years.

8. my mom and i have been chatting about living healthier lifestyles. watching our meals, exercising more. i even signed up for a 5k as incentive to get me off the couch and moving. only three months to be able to run without dying from exhaustion in front of thousands of people

9. my dog sneezes funny. and he doesn’t like snow. or being cold.

10. love the latest albums from mumford, lumineers, of monsters and men. i’ve definitely been enjoying mellow and folksy music lately.

11. i’ve been trying to think of some useful continuing education to do this summer. lots to choose from that interests me, which is different from last year when nothing captured my attention


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