The last couple days have been weird. My brain has not been functioning as it ought to, and this is not a good time of year for forgetting things and making mistakes.
Yesterday was Ash Wednesday and I had fun burning old palm leaves to make ash, but I also managed to feel completely unprepared for evening worship. Thank God that Ash Wed services are always the same every year. But not helpful when I mess with my weekly routine for words of institution so that we don’t pray the Lord’s Prayer. And I love praying the Lord’s Prayer.
Today I met with a local ministerial, which was nice. Always nice to hear what goes on in the community and individual lives. But once again I messed with an established routine (Thursday habit is to stay in McVille).
Amazing how we become creatures of habit, even when you have a job like mine that needs to be full of flexibility to change and adapt to whatever we encounter in life.
I find myself clinging to small things when the rest can change on a whim.
But I thank God for keeping me on my toes to prevent complacency or boredom. He does know me oh so well…


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