lenten musings

this past week has been weird.
well, the last couple months have been.
but this past week in particular was not as expected.
i ended up sick (again, but fortunately only had to rest for two days).
i was in a play (an extra who literally blew bubbles during the performance).
i have been reading lots of books that help me escape the stress of my job while i immerse myself in fantasy worlds.
i met the local ups delivery guy and had a good chat with him.
i went from not going anywhere last monday due to a blizzard to walking around today with a sweater and down vest.

i’m working on reading more profound books that help me think about life and faith and God.
i’m working on perfecting sermons.
i’m working on visiting lots of people.

but even as i work on all this, i am also beginning to realize that my plans never work out like i expect.
i am often overwhelmed by how God is at work in my life (and through my words/actions, in the lives of others).
because when i least expect it, something I say or do connects with people.

when i read the “profound” books, i find myself bored by the language but when i read a random book, i find my mind seeing how faith and theology come to life in unexpected ways. i may not read the intense theological writings like in seminary, but i think that every author has his/her own idea about God/gods. and i like being challenged to see how their faith affects their writing and story and characters and plots…

when i try to give the “perfect” sermon, it flops. like, horribly. but when i just seem to start rambling about an idea sparked by the text, people connect. when i go off-script, the Spirit gives me words. when i don’t like the message i’m saying (but know that it needs to be said), it matters to at least one person. and i’m always amazed by those to whom the words matter.

when i try to visit in person, i get sick. or some other event comes up to get in the way. or the weather doesn’t cooperate. so instead i’m learning about what it means to connect using the gifts and blessings of technology, of how important a simple phone call or short message can be as a reminder that people are remembered.


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